Une présence éducative sur Internet

An encounter with Web Walkers

80% of young people aged between 11 and 17 are active on the Web at least once a day, and more than 48% of them log in to their social media accounts several times a day. Who’s there to offer them guidance online? To answer their questions? To teach them the most practical methods? And to raise awareness?


The Web needs action and a proactive approach… thus is the Web Walkers’ mission statement. A Web Walker, whether he be a group leader, an educator or a professional working in a community or youth centre, is there to listen, to inform, to accompany, to advise and to prevent. In order to fulfil this mission, Web Walkers contact and connect with young people via their social network pages. Their aim is not to survey, but moreover to guide young people in their research. Web Walkers are professionals in a vast and largely unrestricted digital environment, communicating and interacting through blogs, chats and forums. Their duties range from giving simple information, to supporting entire projects, managing difficulties and taking on board even the most concerning of problems. Web Walkers reach out to young people, creating bonds and encouraging a critical mindset when faced with information and images.         

Web Walkers are determined to pursue their work in the field as well as online, acting as an educational presence whenever there is lack of adult guidance.